Sunday School Classes

Our New Members Class is offered by Pastor Bruce in the Fall and Spring. The next class is starting on Sunday, January 27th (9:45-10:45am) and will run for 4-6 weeks in Building 2. If you are interested in making Siler your home church, call the church office at 704-821-7445 to sign-up for our next class!

On-going Sunday School classes

Jessie Plyler Class

The Jessie Plyler Class meets in Bldg 3 (Dodd), Rm 30. Studying our love for God, this class is taught by Dona Haney and Butch Plyler and is our most senior class.

Good News Class

The Good News SS Class meets in Bldg 4 (Fellowship Hall), Rm 42. Studying our love for God, this class is taught by Wayne Smith.

Seekers Class

The Seekers Class meets in Bldg 4 (Fellowship Hall), Rm 44. Studying the book The Message of the Twelve: Hearing the Voice of the Minor Prophets, this class is taught by Mike Waller.

Generations Class

The Generations Class meets in Bldg 4 (Fellowship Hall), Rm 43. Studying the Book of Acts, this class is taught by Tim Sieges.

Foundations Class

The Foundations SS Class meets in Bldg 2, Rm 21. Studying the video series "Fearing God" by Tony Evans, this class is taught by a variety of facilitators from the class.

Family Focus/Sprouting, Growing, Producing Class

Family Focus/Sprouting, Growing, Producing Class meets in Bldg 2, Rm 22. Studying the basics of Christianity, this class is taught by Pastor Bruce Powell and is great for new Christians or those exploring Christianity.