Jamaica Missions

Siler Church's primary international missions are with Mission Discovery in Eden, Jamaica.  Siler works at the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf, ministering and building relationships with the kids and staff as well as make repairs to their building. Additionally while in Jamaica, Siler members have an opportunity to visit an orphanage and host a day of Vacation Bible School for the kids. This is an incredible encouragement for the children who live there.


Another of Siler's missionary outreaches is located just below Mexico in Guatemala. With strict guidelines from the president, the country has been able to keep numbers of COVID quite low. However, without work and a jump in food prices, the poor that make up much of this third world nation are suffering. [For example a pound of dried beans jumped  $.30 to $1.20.] Our national director, Oscar Martin wisely maintains a large closet of food supplies and other emergency items. Last week he wrote that he had depleted the food supplies. He estimates that the value of the large bag he is sharing is $13.00. Depending on the size of the family, this will help for a one to two month period. Please pray that the Lord will supply additional funds towards feeding the hungry in Guatemala. If the Lord touches your heart to send a gift, the address for emergency food bags is: Hearts for Heaven, Inc. / PO Box 44022  / Columbus, OH 43204. Thank you for your prayers.